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The Team-3 Shmira KaHalacha Company provides security control center, security system installation and other services to the orthodox-religious sector.

As part of this range of services, the Company employs a “Shabbat Goy” in each of the functions manning any position at the control center, in the patrol cars or in the operation of the technological equipment marketed and installed by the Team-3 Shmira KaHalacha Company.

The Company has all of the necessary authorizations from rabbinical authorities, rabbinical councils and the Zomet Institute.


The PIMA Shabbat Hunter-Pro 8-144 Burglar Alarm System is intended specifically for the orthodox-religious sector and, as stated, has all of the necessary authorizations.

This burglar alarm system can cover up to 144 zones and was designed specifically for Shabbat operation according to the requirements of the Halacha Technological Institution of Jerusalem for alarm systems for the home, alarm systems for the business and alarm systems for synagogues.

PIMA developed its Hunter-Pro 8144 burglar alarm system while emphasizing solutions for the demands of professionals in Israel and around the world.

This innovative system offers new communication options and a high level of sophistication and reliability. At the same time, it is simple to program and operate and has a concise, user-friendly programming menu.

System Characteristics & Features

·               8 zones expandable to 144 zones.

·               Supports SMS messages.

·               Up to 8 keypads.

·               Various modes of operation: by code/remote control/proximity reader/smartphone application, et al.

·               Shabbat operation system authorized by the Halacha Technological Institution of Jerusalem.

·               Automatic Shabbat operation and shutoff + daily operation + forced operation (silent interval: the absence of detection within a predetermined interval will cause the system to arm itself – optional).

·               96 user codes, main code, express code, relay code and robbery code.

·               Diversified false alarm prevention mechanisms, built-in telephone line testing; memory log for the last 500 events; 4 telephone numbers to control center and 4 telephone numbers to private dialer.

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