חברת אבטחה, חברת שמירה, מוקד ומערכות מיגון, שירותי ניקיון - צוות 3


עודכן ב



Team-3 Shmira KaHalacha is a unique company in the Israeli security control center and security services industry.

The Company was established in order to provide protection system, security and guard services to the orthodox-religious sector while placing the emphasis on operations authorized by rabbinical scholars and activity during Shabbat and Jewish Holidays by non-Jewish employees.

We offer control center and security services to the orthodox-religious sector according to Jewish Halacha and while observing the sanctity of the Shabbat and Jewish Holidays.

On Shabbat and during Jewish Holidays, our control center and patrol units are manned by “Shabbat Goyim” – non-Jewish employees recruited through a strict selection process. Those employees perform their duties according to the same procedures that apply in weekdays.

The management of the Team-3 Shmira KaHalacha control center is made up of former IDF servicemen possessing command experience, who provide the center with excellent operational performance and the ability to handle diversified security tasks. The Company’s hundreds of employees are recruited through a professional, meticulous selection and control process, which involves a supervisor who selects the most appropriate candidates according to the laws of Halacha. The selected recruits receive comprehensive training, including professional security and customer service training.

The operations of the Team-3 Shmira KaHalacha Company are constantly supervised by Kashrut supervisors and holds authorizations from notable rabbinical authorities and scholars from all of the religious and orthodox schools and factions.

Additionally, some of the shareholders of the Team-3 Shmira KaHalacha Company are orthodox religious Jews, and they have the right to veto all decisions pertaining to matters of Halacha, in order to prevent any controversy regarding the service standards required by the leading rabbinical authorities and scholars whose rulings are acceptable to the orthodox religious public.

The Team-3 Shmira KaHalacha control center provides security services in Jerusalem, Bene-Beraq, Beit-Shemesh, Petach-Tiqva, Ramat-Gan, Givatyaim as well as other religious and orthodox settlements.

The Team-3 Shmira KaHalacha Company offers an extensive range of security and protection products such as burglar alarm systems, security cameras, hidden cameras, distress pushbuttons, detectors, magnets, et al.

The Team-3 Shmira KaHalacha Company complies with the requirements of the ISO Standard and the Standards Institution of Israel.

Shabbat Beginning & Ending Times

For your convenience, here are the Shabbat beginning and ending times for the years 5774-5775 (courtesy of the website of the National Authority for Religious Services).  

כל זמני כניסת/יציאת השבת

תאריך לועזיתאריך עבריפרשת השבועירושלים כניסהירושלים יציאהתל אביב כניסהתל אביב יציאהחיפה כניסהחיפה יציאהבאר שבע כניסהבאר שבע יציאה
13/02/2016ד’ אדר-א תשע”ותרומה16:4718:0117:0118:0216:5218:0117:0518:04
20/02/2016י”א אדר-א תשע”ותצוה16:5318:0617:0818:0816:5818:0717:1118:09
27/02/2016י”ח אדר-א תשע”וכי תשא16:5818:1217:1318:1317:0418:1217:1618:14
05/03/2016כ”ה אדר-א תשע”וויקהל17:0418:1717:1918:1917:0918:1817:2218:19
12/03/2016ב’ אדר-ב תשע”ופקודי17:0918:2217:2418:2417:1518:2317:2718:24
19/03/2016ט’ אדר-ב תשע”וויקרא17:1418:2717:2918:2917:2018:2817:3118:29
26/03/2016ט”ז אדר-ב תשע”וצו18:1819:3218:3419:3418:2519:3318:3619:34
02/04/2016כ”ג אדר-ב תשע”ושמיני18:2319:3718:3819:3918:3019:3918:4119:39
09/04/2016א’ ניסן תשע”ותזריע18:2819:4218:4319:4418:3519:4418:4519:44
16/04/2016ח’ ניסן תשע”ומצורע18:3319:4718:4819:4918:4019:4918:5019:49
23/04/2016ט”ו ניסן תשע”וא’ דפסח18:3819:5218:5319:5518:4519:5518:5419:54
28/04/2016כ’ ניסן תשע”וערב ז’ דפסח18:42 18:57 18:49 18:59 
30/04/2016כ”ב ניסן תשע”ואחרי18:4219:5818:5820:0018:5020:0118:5919:59
07/05/2016כ”ט ניסן תשע”וקדושים18:4720:0319:0320:0618:5520:0719:0420:05
14/05/2016ו’ אייר תשע”ואמור18:5220:0919:0820:1219:0020:1319:0920:10

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