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About Team 3 Ltd.

Team 3 Ltd. is Israel’s leading security company. The company employs about 4,000 security personnel with varying levels of training, employed under the best working conditions in the industry and spread across six main branches throughout the country. The company’s operations are managed by an executive team with rich and diverse professional and operational experience in both security and organizational aspects.

The company provides security services and offers its services to a wide range of clients in various fields of activity – from point security checks to planning, establishing and operating complex security systems among leading technology companies, industrial plants, development centers, logistics centers, financial institutions, upscale compounds and sensitive facilities – all combined with the company’s human resources infrastructure, professional knowledge and technological means.

Quality, commitment and professionalism – of the company’s employees and managers, at all levels and positions, allow us to be chosen as the preferred supplier by hundreds of clients who choose us and our services year after year.

As Israel’s leading security company, Team 3 provides its clients with diverse and meaningful security services. These services may include armed or unarmed guards, monitoring equipment and alarm systems. The goal of a security company is to provide peace of mind and protection for its clients by deterring crime and responding to security breaches.

Security companies provide solutions in a variety of settings, from residential neighborhoods to commercial businesses and government facilities. Some security companies may specialize in a particular type of security, such as providing personal protection officers for high-profile individuals or securing critical infrastructure. A security company may offer a range of services to meet the needs of different clients.

A security company plays a crucial role in reducing crime and maintaining community safety. By deploying skilled security personnel and advanced security technologies, Team 3 can help deter criminal activity and respond quickly to any incident.

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Areas of expertise

Corporate Security

Team 3 specializes in tailoring “security suits” for organizations and institutions from various fields. This service includes several stages, including – risk assessment, formulating recommendations, work procedures, personnel and role specification, developing an operational framework, control, and measurement. These services enable full outsourcing of security operations for businesses.

Special Missions

The company’s infrastructure and human capital allow for diverse capabilities in all aspects of project security, events, personal security, escort of delegations, consulting, management, and special missions requiring significant security effort and a broad, efficient logistical infrastructure. The company has extensive experience in recruiting, training, and operating unique task forces for a variety of activities.

Strategic Facilities

The company has extensive experience in securing sensitive facilities from the planning and construction stage to securing ongoing operations. These facilities include critical infrastructure facilities, classified projects, power plants, transportation infrastructure, and more. The extensive experience gained by the company over its years of operation has made it the ideal choice for this type of security.

Luxury Premises Security

Securing luxury premises is a dedicated specialization in the physical security market. Team 3 is a security company specializing in securing luxury premises, including prestigious event halls and residential complexes or towers for audiences seeking an environment that matches their status.