Protection Systems

Israel’s largest property protection systems company

30 years in business

Israel’s leading security dispatch operator

46,000 satisfied clients

Nation-wide patrol unit

About Us

Team-3 Protection Systems Ltd. has been providing its clients with quality security solutions and unparalleled service for the past 30 years. With 46,000 clients enjoying human operator response within one second, no wonder we have established ourselves as Israel’s best security dispatch operator.

Team-3 Protection Systems Ltd. employs hundreds of technicians and installation specialists nation-wide. These professionals specialize in burglar alarm systems, surveillance cameras, access control systems and other state-of-the-art technological security products used for the benefit of our private and business clients.

When your property is connected to our operations center, you have the benefit of ultimate protection, the world’s most advanced technological solutions, and the most attentive, personal and professional end-to-end

Areas of Expertise

Operations Center

The operations center of Team-3 Protection Systems Ltd. is one of the world’s most technologically-advanced and efficient operations in this category. With 47,000 security dispatch subscribers and an average response interval of less than one second for incoming calls, our operations center is, undoubtedly, the perfect solution for securing and protecting your most valuable assets.

Protection Equipment

Team-3 Protection Systems Ltd. specializes in installing the best burglar alarm and surveillance camera systems. We offer our clients the quality service of skilled, highly-trained technicians and installation specialists, nation-wide, to ensure the proper installation and operation of our top-tier protection system. Our objective is to guarantee maximum effectiveness with a minimum of technical problems.

Patrol & Motorcycle Unit

The Team-3 Protection Systems Ltd. nation-wide patrol unit consists of more than 50 patrol cars and dozens of motorcycles, to ensure the fastest possible response in an emergency. Our patrol operators receive comprehensive training and possess the appropriate qualifications. They will do their very best to handle any incident professionally and within the shortest possible time.

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