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The Team-3 Personnel Selection & Placement Company is involved in an extensive and highly diversified range of sectors, fields of activity and occupational skills, nation-wide. The Company specializes in providing human resources and project management solutions as well as in locating, selecting, recruiting and placing employees and providing employment solutions for regular and temporary personnel.

The Company is licensed to operate as a personnel contractor by virtue of the authority of the Ministry of Economy.

The Team-3 Personnel Selection & Placement Company maintains a substantial manpower pool for an extensive range of occupational specialties, which enables the Company to meet the changing needs of its clients with maximum flexibility, using an extensive computerized database to identify and select suitable employees according to the requirements of the client and the job at hand.

Our clientele includes industrial and service organizations, high-tech companies, government ministries, retail chains, drug store chains, pharmacies, beauty consultants, sales promotion, et al.

Company operations are based on the belief that the Company assists in minimizing the scope of unemployment in Israel and helps a large number of individuals fulfill their expectations at a workplace that matches their skills.

The process involves on-going service and personal communication all along the way.

The Team-3 Personnel Selection & Placement Company is committed to the following principles:

·               Provide the best, fastest and highest quality service according to the client’s needs.

·               Implement a professional, high-quality personnel selection process.

·               Lead the highest level of performance in each field of specialization.

·               Meticulously match the candidates to the job and organizational profile.

·               Maintain the highest standards of integrity for the benefit of the employees and provide the best working conditions as prescribed by law.

The employees are the most important asset of the business. With them, you and your business will march forward to success.


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