About the company

HVI Security Solutions is a leading company in the Israeli market for providing advanced security solutions.
Since its establishment in 2012, HVI has been providing its clients with comprehensive services, including consultation, specification, and personalized support from concept to execution. The company focuses on delivering high-quality service and professional support, including training, a technical support center, and laboratory services for its clients.

HVI stands out in the Israeli market with innovative solutions for security management in both routine and emergency situations. The company’s cameras are installed in every sensitive location where precise, reliable, and quick imagery is required. During challenging times, including the COVID-19 crisis, the company’s equipment was used by security forces and the police across the country, successfully installing hundreds of thermal devices in various complex projects, such as Israel Railways, hospitals, essential factories, and company offices.

The company has an advanced logistics system in collaboration with UPS Israel, providing quick and efficient service to distributors and integrators nationwide.

Areas of Expertise

Perimeter Security

HVI offers a diverse range of protection solutions designed to minimize false alarms. These solutions include deep learning algorithm-based video products, thermometric cameras, alarm systems, and radar products.

DVR/NVR Recording Systems

HVI has transformed analog surveillance by incorporating the High Definition Transport Interface (HDTVI) open standard. This allows HD video to be transmitted over long distances with greater reliability, using the original analog transmission methods.

Thermal Cameras

HVI’s thermal solutions for human temperature measurement are engineered for early screening in public spaces by detecting skin temperature. They also integrate facial recognition and crowd counting capabilities, interfacing seamlessly with access control systems.