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Security Layout Management Software

Our SMS Priority system provides effective solutions to most of the needs of an advanced security organization – all under the same roof.

The system was designed for the organizational Intranet environment. As such, it is accessible to all of the employees, from any computer within the organization, on the basis of suitable authorizations.

The system provides solutions for dealing with current events, as well as tools for methodically planning the activities of the security organization and for the long-term monitoring and recording of these activities.

Shift Organizer

Shift Organizer is an Internet-based roster generating software, accessible from any computer around the world. It enables every employee to submit his/her requests for work shifts according to the requirements of the management.

The software generates the duty roster and following an administrative inspection phase, the roster is disseminated by E-Mail to everyone. Any revision or update made during the week is disseminated automatically to the relevant security personnel (by E-Mail or as an SMS message to their personal mobile phones).

At the end of the month, the computerized output is submitted to the wages department for the purpose of producing the pay slips and payments to the employees.

Team-3 Computerized Training (TCT) Courseware

This courseware package was developed by the Team-3 Guard & Security Services Company to enable basic training and maintenance of knowledge by the teams through the use of advanced tools. This courseware complements the training process and passing the computerized examination at the end of the process constitutes the final qualification of the new team member.

Siyurit Online – Patrol Operations Control System

The Siyurit Online system sends online reports to the control center. In the event that a patrol was not executed as planned, an immediate alert would be generated and the control center would ensure that the patrol is performed. Additionally, the system supports an extensive range of reports, including a patrol report generated at the time constants required by the client.

The Team-3 Website – Breakdown of Work Hours & Computer-Generated Pay Slips

The Team-3 website provides every employee with direct, personal access to all of his/her pay slips and work hours breakdown, every month, so as to ensure complete transparency and enable the employee to review how his/her salary had been calculated.

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