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The safety model applied by the Team-3 Guard & Security Services Company is based, first and foremost, on the understanding that safety is of the utmost importance and that the performance standards of the Company are a direct derivative of strict compliance with the relevant safety regulations.

Accordingly, the commitment of the top management of the Team-3 Guard & Security Services Company to this important subject is unwavering. The management steers the Company’s operations through its commitment to safety and communicates this commitment in each and every management message to the employees. The Company management ensures that each site handled by the Company has a safety program that is relevant to the security orientation and that the employees fully assimilate that program. Additionally, the Company management is committed to providing its employees with knowledge and enrichment training on the various aspects of safety.

Inspections & Drills

Once the security set-up is up and running and all of the employees have received the relevant start-up courses and attained the required level of professionalism and proficiency, the employees normally show interest in their new work and maintain a high level of alertness. Experience has shown, however, that the level of interest and alertness declines over time, along with the professionalism and performance of the security team. In order to maintain the professionalism and alertness of the security personnel, the Team-3 Guard & Security Services Company conducts inspections and drills according to a monthly plan at each and every site.

Dedicated Control/Operations Center for Security Clients

As the Team-3 Guard & Security Services Company is acutely aware of the importance of the guard and security service clients, a dedicated control/operations center has been established to directly support the operations vis-à-vis the clients, including the management of the night and weekend layouts, online patrol inspection, response to events, et al.

Investigations & Debriefing

Pursuant to both failures and successes, the Team-3 Guard & Security Services Company encourages in-depth debriefing and analysis according to an existing format, in order to convert every incident into an opportunity to thoroughly and seriously analyze the performance of the security layout. The primary goal here is not to find the guilty parties or to put the blame on someone, but to study the failures, draw conclusions and lessons and take the necessary measures in order to ensure that they never recur.

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