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The Team-3 Guard & Security Services Company, one of Israel’s leaders in the field of security services, provides cutting-edge security services on several levels, from security inspections through security for sensitive installations, business and industrial complexes, high-tech centers, embassies, shopping malls and settlements to comprehensive security operations in large-scale events.
The secret of success of the Team-3 Guard & Security Services Company stems from the human resource. The Company employs a management team whose members possess extensive operational experience and about 2,400 employees who benefit from professional training and a supportive work environment. This high-quality manpower, along with the field managers and team leaders, make all the difference.
We at the Team-3 Guard & Security Services Company regard ourselves as a company specializing in security and positioned at the cutting edge of technology rather than a provider of manpower for security-related tasks.
The Team-3 Guard & Security Services Company offers its clients comprehensive solutions to all of their security needs, based on our Total Security Concept. According to this concept, four closely interrelated elements affect the security layout: manpower, physical and electronic protective measures/systems, management and control systems and a procedure and training plan.
As an additional service and in response to client demand, we possess the knowledge and capabilities required in order to conduct a professional survey for the purpose of identifying the security risks and threats, specify the client’s unique security needs, characterize the operating procedures and security resources required and submit our operative recommendations to the client.
Once the client has endorsed our recommended plan, the Team-3 Guard & Security Services Company will implement the security plan on the ground by recruiting a skilled team and providing it with dedicated training, assimilating state-of-the-art technological systems and maintaining close supervision, to assure the client of a security standard that suits his needs.
The Team-3 Guard & Security Services Company complies with the ISO 9001:2008 Standard and is SEDEX-SMETA certified.

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