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Sprinklers are the executors of your smoke detection system. When a smoke detection system was installed in a building and smoke has been detected in a given area, the sprinklers will spray water in the direction of the smoke. Past experience has shown that this technology cannot be regarded as a substitute for a structured fire extinguishing service or even for the execution of a methodical fire extinguishing procedure using fire extinguishers. However, a sprinkler system can minimize the damage and make the task of containing and controlling the fire easier to accomplish. Sprinklers are included in two types of systems: smoke detection systems and security/protection systems.

Sprinklers installed as part of Smoke Detection Systems

Sprinklers installed in smoke detection systems are subordinated to the system. The system includes various measures for detecting smoke by IR (Infrared) motion, with the emphasis placed on the sensing of heating. Infrared radiation is emitted when a heat-emitting element is in motion. The smoke detection system detects the fire during the heat build-up stage and activates the sprinklers. Humans also emit IR radiation, but the smoke detection system, owing to the emphasis on temperature sensing programmed into it, can tell the difference between the IR radiation emitted by a human body (normal IR radiation) and the IR radiation emitted by smoke and fire (abnormal IR radiation).

Sprinklers installed as part of Security/Protection Systems

Sprinklers installed in security/protection systems are subordinated to the smoke detectors of the system. This detector category is only one of a collection of detectors of various types such as magnetic sensors, passive infrared sensors, active infrared sensors, outdoors beam detectors, et al. The sprinklers are not a part of the security/protection system, and in order to be activated, they have to be connected to the smoke detectors. The smoke detector, like any other detector/sensor, reports to the security switchboard. The owner of the premises identifies the report immediately as normally only one smoke detector is installed in private residences – usually in the kitchen. This detection zone, exclusively, is regarded as a “FIRE” zone by default. The significance of this fact is that the system keypad will display a blinking “FIRE” message. In the event that the sprinklers or the entire smoke detection system had been connected to the security system and programmed to operate if an alarm is generated from a “FIRE” zone, the sprinklers will be activated upon detection.

The Importance of Sprinklers

The importance of installing sprinklers cannot be overrated. The installation of sprinklers is a mandatory requirement presented by insurance appraisers. A sprinkler system can prevent a serious fire disaster even if the sprinkler itself had not extinguished the fire by 100%. In the absence of sprinklers, any attempt to cope with the fire by other means could make things much more complicated and cause unexpected deterioration in no time at all.


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