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Sprinkler Systems

The sprinkler system method is one of the most effective methods for controlling or suppressing a fire.

The objective of the sprinkler system is to prevent the fast spreading of the fire and put the fire out by spraying water (or some other fire extinguishing agent) automatically.

The system consists of a network of water pipes that cover the entire building or the areas where fire extinguishing may be required.

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A sprinkler is an aperture that is kept sealed by a liquid-filled glass vial. When the immediate vicinity heats up excessively (to 60-70 degrees Centigrade), the liquid in the vial expands and breaks the vial. The sprinkler aperture opens and sprays water toward its fan, which spreads the water around the relevant space. Each sprinkler covers a space of about 12 to 16 square meters with the purpose of putting out the fire in its designated area or at least preventing the fire from spreading.

Team-3 Fire Control Systems designs and installs fire control and extinguishing systems which include sprinkler systems that conform to Israeli Standards 1586 and 1928. Additionally, we install reservoirs and pumps that conform to Israeli Standard 1596.

The design stage begins with scientific planning, including hydraulic calculations and pressure tests, and includes such other activities as the design and drawing of the property for the purpose of obtaining preliminary permits, accompaniment and approval of the plans vis-à-vis the Standards Institution of Israel and other activities.

The on-site execution stage includes monitoring by a project manager on the Company’s behalf and installation according to the required safety instructions and subject to the scientific planning approved for execution.


Additionally, we supply fire extinguishing pumps used for transferring liquids and boosting the flow rate through suction or delivery.

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