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Fire and smoke detection systems are installed in many building types, according to need and in some cases by law.

The objective of the fire and smoke detection system is, first and foremost, to enable the occupants to evacuate the building in the event of a fire, by providing an early warning.

Detection is accomplished by detectors installed throughout the building in a manner that ensures optimal coverage and the earliest possible detection. In each building, the system is installed differently, according to the actual conditions.

Fire and smoke detection systems minimize and even prevent altogether injury and damage to property by detecting smoke and fire at an early stage.

The core of every fire and smoke detection system is the switchboard – an electronic device that processes incoming information (input) and generates outgoing information (output).

The switchboard receives data from the various detectors of the fire and smoke detection system, checks the serviceability of these detectors on a regular basis and activates alert and protection systems as required.

The detectors are the elements designed to detect the fire.

Additionally, the fire and smoke detection system includes various alarm/alert devices:

·               Audible alarms: horns/loudspeakers that generate a siren or a voice message announcing that a fire has been detected in the building.

·               Visual alarms: indicator lamps that indicate the location of the fire and/or flashing lights designed specifically to alert the hearing impaired.

·               Automatic dialer: a device programmed to alert the local fire and rescue services.

The Team-3 Fire Control Systems Company is a national leader in the installation and maintenance of fire and smoke detection systems.

Our installation team designs, installs and maintains fire and smoke detection systems that conform to Standard 1220/3.

Our professional personnel consists of skilled and experienced technical specialists who execute each and every installation professionally and accurately, so as to ensure that when required, the system will provide optimal performance.

Team-3 Fire Control Systems is the Israeli representative of the Job-Detectomat Company of Germany, manufacturers of fire and smoke detection systems.


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