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Team-3 Fire Control Systems is a national leader in the installation and maintenance of fire alarm and extinguishing systems.

Team-3 Fire Control Systems is the Israeli representative of the Job-Detectomat Company of Germany, manufacturers of fire and smoke detection systems, and the Hautau Company of Germany, manufacturers of smoke release window opening systems.

The professional experience gained by Team-3 Fire Control Systems and the service organization it maintains enable our clients to enjoy on-going support in the establishment of fire detection and extinguishing systems, from the design and installation stages to technical support and control center services, based on the directives of the Israel Fire & Rescue Services.

Team-3 Fire Control Systems is licensed by the Standards Institution of Israel and specializes in the installation, servicing and maintenance of the following system categories:

· Fire and smoke detection systems conforming to Israeli Standard 0221, Part 3 & Part 11 – Israeli Standard permit No.37162.

· Portable fire extinguishing equipment conforming to Israeli Standard 921, Part 1 – Israeli Standard permit No.37674.

· Water sprinkler systems conforming to Israeli Standards 6951 and 8291 – Israeli Standard permit No.38115.

· Automatic powder-based fire extinguishing systems conforming to Standard UL 003.

· Firefighters’ telephone systems conforming to Standard NFPA 27, Israeli Standards and the requirements of the Israel Fire & Rescue Services.

· Smoke release window opening systems conforming to German Standard DIN 23281.

· Smoke suction systems.

· Emergency public address systems.

Team-3 Fire Control Systems employs highly-skilled professionals who utilize the latest technology and conform to the highest performance standards while complying with the requirements of International Standard ISO 9001/2000. The Company operates a fire control/alert center – a manned civilian operations center charged with receiving and handling alerts and reports.

Team-3 Fire Control Systems has four primary departments, as outlined below.

Fire Detection & Extinguishing Department

This department designs, installs and maintains fire detection and extinguishing systems that conform to international standards and to Israeli Standard 1220/3 and various automatic extinguishing systems such as:

· Gas-based fire extinguishing systems – for computer rooms, electrical switchboards, archives, etc.

· Powder-based extinguishing systems – for kitchens, boiler and generator rooms, etc.

All of our systems conform to Standard NFPA 2001 – UL FM.

Sprinkler Department

This department designs, installs and maintains sprinkler systems that conform to Israeli Standards 1586 and 1928, reservoirs and pumps that conform to NFPA standards and Israeli Standard 1596.13.

Fire Extinguishing Equipment Department

This department supplies, installs and maintains manual (fixed or portable) fire extinguishing equipment according to Israeli Standard 921.

Sales & Marketing Department

Cumulative experience and strict compliance with the highest standards have established Team-3 Fire Control Systems as one of Israel’s leaders in the field of preventing fires. Our satisfied clients are the best and most authentic calling card we could wish for. Our clientele includes government ministries, retail chains, banks, shopping malls, filling stations, industrial buildings and private businesses.

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