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Dear employees,

The employee committee of the Team-3 Group works tirelessly, with the full cooperation of the Group management, to unite all of the group’s employees as part of a large, united family – the Team-3 family.

The objective is to assure each and every employee of a safe, long-term place of work and financial security, along with the benefits prescribed by law and in accordance with the collective agreements signed by the various parties of the guard and security services industry.

The following is a description of some of the activities intended to improve the working conditions of the employees and promote complete transparency in the way the group conducts its business for the benefit of the employees.

Every employee may access the Team-3 Group website, where he or she can review the number of working hours entered to his or her credit for each site, correspond with any manager and submit suggestions for quality improvement as well as personal requests. The personal area may be accessed by entering the employee number and name.

The Team-3 Group website presents the various activities of the Group as well as new positions and enables each employee to compete for the positions being offered and advance within the Group.

Additionally, the management and employee committee established a portal that allows all employees to access information and contents, coordinate their activities and strengthen the links between the employee and the company. The portal places the emphasis on fun, welfare and benefits such as reduced-price tickets for plays and shows, activities for children, vouchers and coupons, leisure attractions, holiday packages, suggestions for sight-seeing tours and many other discounts and benefits.

The portal may be accessed via the Team-3 website at by pressing the Employee Access icon, followed by Welfare – Employee Portal.

In addition to the activities outlined above, the Group’s employees can take advantage of such unique benefits as:

1.        Special benefits offered by Bank Tefahot.

2.        Dental insurance.

3.        Upgrading of holiday gifts.

4.        Coming soon: quarterly employee bulletin.

5.        Upgrading the employee’s pay slip with complete transparency.

6.        Direct contact with the undersigned through the Team-3 website.

To contact the Chairman of the Employee Committee – Click Here

Dear employees,

For us to be able to advance your interests and act on behalf of the employees we are bound by the moral and organizational obligation of performing the tasks assigned to us as employees with care, thoroughly, while doing our very best – above and beyond expectations, loyally and with the highest work ethics. All of this will guarantee our financial security and a good, safe place of work.

Eli Jan

Employee Committee Chairman – Team-3 Group

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