Corporate Responsibility

Team 3 Group operates according to core values of customer satisfaction, innovation, responsibility, professionalism, and family values. The company has adopted quality management standards like ISO 90001 and social responsibility standard SI 10000.

  • Fair and Advanced Work Environment
    We place paramount importance on the client’s sense of security in engaging with us and their satisfaction. We constantly strive to identify the client’s most critical needs and dedicate resources to meet those needs.
  • Proper Business Conduct
    Creating added value for our clients and striving for excellence in both planning and execution. We always aim to be better.
  • Community Involvement
    Achieving the company’s and clients’ goals depends on the professionalism of the staff of employees and managers.
    Therefore, we aim to create a learning, developing environment with responsibility and leading by example.
  • Environmental Protection
    We believe in doing the right thing and minimizing our environmental footprint. We are committed to environmental responsibility in our operations.
  • Customer Satisfaction

Customer satisfaction, transparency, fairness, mutuality, and especially their desire to continue being the Group’s customers over time, are the most important factors for the Group’s existence and long-term prosperity.

  • Innovation and Excellence
    Team 3 Group is a learning organization, through the implementation of lessons learned processes and investigations that lead to continuous improvement of the Group’s performance in the field. The Group is committed to implementing and integrating the most advanced methods and technologies, in response to a changing and dynamic environment.
  • Responsibility

The Group’s employees are evaluated based on their readiness to act with full responsibility for tasks within their authority until their complete execution. The Group insists on taking full responsibility for all activities provided in service to its customers.

  • Professionalism
    Team 3 Group is committed to developing and providing professional infrastructure at all levels. The Group insists on training, instructing and providing appropriate tools to all its employees in order to maintain a high professional level.
  • Family Values

Team 3 Group was established on family foundations and its goal is to maintain and nurture these foundations. Key characteristics of the family values in the Group are: open communication, cooperation, openness, reliability and teamwork, providing an atmosphere of closeness and care for its employees.