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The Team-3 Control Center & Security Systems Company has been involved in settlement & community security since 1994.

We developed a unique security concept that significantly reduces the damage caused by burglars as well as the number of attempts to break into private residencies.

Company representatives, in cooperation with the security officials of the settlement or community, will develop a specific security portfolio, taking into consideration the budget available so as to offer an optimal security plan.

Risk/Threat Survey

Company representatives will conduct a risk/threat survey that includes charting and numbering of the settlement’s gates, a list of public buildings, public transportation stations, businesses, storage areas, etc.

The risk/threat survey will highlight the weaknesses that must be addressed, as well as the points and aspects that require special attention on the part of the patrolling security officers.

Security Loops

The security concept for the settlement/community is based on 3 security loops designed to reduce the number of burglary attempts and minimize the damage caused by burglars.

It has been proven that the security loop concept proposed herein is the only guarantee that the number of burglary attempts in the settlement/ community will drop and the damage caused by burglars will be reduced.

First Loop

The first security loop consists of a Level-A certified security control center, endorsed by the Israel Police and the Standards Institution of Israel, manned 24 hours a day. This security control center will receive the alarm calls and dispatch them to the local patrol car.

Second Loop

The second security loop consists of a local patrol car – a mobile security unit operating within the boundaries of the settlement/community to ensure prompt response in emergency situations and effective handling of burglary incidents.

In any event of an alarm, the patrol car will be dispatched to the relevant location, where the patrolmen would inspect the premises and report the results to the security control center.

It has been proven, beyond any doubt, that the more we manage to minimize the time it takes the patrol car to arrive on the scene of the incident, the more significant the reduction in burglary damage will be.

Third Loop

The third security loop consists of a burglar alarm system linked to the security control center. This is the last important loop that will generate an alert in the event of a burglary attempt at the client’s residence.

The burglar alarm system will alert the emergency/security control center. The security control center will respond by dispatching the local patrol car to the scene of the incident. The patrol car will arrive on the scene promptly and the patrolmen would handle the burglary incident as required.

IMPORTANT! In all of the experiments conducted in recent years, it has been proven, beyond any doubt, that the concept proposed herein is the only method that minimizes burglary damage and reduces the number of burglary attempts!!!

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