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Team-3 Operational Control Center

The operational control center of Team-3 Control Center & Security Systems is certified by the Israel Police according to item 9.4 as well as by the Standards Institution of Israel.

Our control center is the country’s latest and most advanced operations center. As such, it draws visitors from security companies in Israel and around the globe.

Our operational control center is fitted with state-of-the-art technological resources by the industry’s leading manufacturers.

Our operational control center is the very core of our Company’s operations. Center activities include operational handling of the various alerts and calls received from our subscribers and a 24-hour telephone answering service for the Company’s clients.

The center is manned throughout the day by operators who had completed a comprehensive training course and qualified to handle operational events.

Control Center Software System

About 6 years ago, Team-3 Control Center & Security Systems launched a dedicated operational control center software system that had been tailored specifically to the needs of the Company’s clients.

The software system offers impressive control capabilities that position it at the cutting edge of international technology.

The control center software incorporates such technologies as visual monitoring, tracking & control, patrol fleet supervision, et al.

Our proprietary control center software system interfaces with the various software packages already in use and constitutes a technological breakthrough in the field of dispatch & control center services.

In recent years, our proprietary control center software system has been purchased by most of the country’s leading control centers.

Control Center Services

The Company’s clients benefit from an extensive range of dispatch & control center services, including hardwire (landline) communication service, wireless communication service, bilateral service, GPRS, visual monitoring, bilateral visual monitoring, SMS services, E-Mail, et al.

The connection between the client’s facility and the Team-3 control center is installed according to the requirements of the client or the insurance company, based on the relevant level of risk.

The Company operates in the various areas and provides an excellent service standard compared to the competition, owing to our massive fleet of patrol cars that provide our clients with fast and effective service.

The Team-3 Control Center & Security Systems Company provides control center services in most parts of Israel.

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