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Team-3 Control Center & Security Systems is Israel’s second largest company in the field of security, alarm systems and control center services.

The Company stands at the cutting edge of global technology and its developments have set new standards of professionalism and service for the entire security industry in recent years.

During its years of operation, Team-3 Control Center & Security Systems gained experience and expertise in the design and establishment of control centers that support every type of alarm system. Additionally, the Company developed a unique, groundbreaking operational control center software system that gained worldwide recognition and was purchased by leading security companies in Israel and around the world.

Through this operational control center software system, Team-3 Control Center & Security Systems provides its clients with control center services of the highest standard plus an extensive range of supporting technological services such as a visual monitoring control center, surveillance and control, patrol checks, break-in and distress services and a fire control/alert center – all through a state-of-the-art control center, operating 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Additionally, the Company specializes in the establishment of control centers and municipal operations centers (“106 Centers”) according to the client’s needs and specifications.

Team-3 Control Center & Security Systems places at the disposal of its 52,000 private, corporate and municipal clients an extensive range of advanced services:

Israel’s most sophisticated and technologically-advanced operations center, endorsed by the Israel Police and the Standards Institution of Israel.

Israel’s largest fleet of patrol cars (relative to the number of subscribers).

A comprehensive array for supervising the human element and the technological equipment, to ensure prompt and effective response in any incident: a team of shift leaders with a broad span of authority, a GPS tracking system in all patrol cars (for various checks and for spotting irregularities), reporting pushbuttons to ensure patrolman alertness at sensitive sites and various other resources.

Settlement security using the “3 Security Loops” method, which includes: a manned control/operations center, a local patrol car and alarm and security camera systems linked to the control center. This method was proven effective in reducing the number of burglary attempts and minimizing the damage caused by burglars.

Installation and servicing of alarm systems, CCTV systems, access control and Intercom systems by the world’s leading manufacturers.

An efficient and courteous telephone call center, manned by operators trained in handling client calls.

A comprehensive technical service organization, made up of dozens of service technicians and skilled installation teams.

Control center and municipal operations center establishment service.

Team-3 Control Center & Security Systems complies with the requirements of the applicable ISO standards and the Standards Institution of Israel.

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