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Security systems constitute a major component in the product range marketed and installed by the Team-3 Control Center & Security Systems Company.

The burglar alarm system serves as a highly important link in the over-all security chain for the home, office or business.

Team-3 Control Center & Security Systems chose to market and install the world’s best and most advanced alarm systems – the cutting edge systems by PIMA Electronic Systems.

The alarm systems by PIMA offer numerous advantages through their technological superiority, built-in options and ease of operation.

On the one hand, the systems by PIMA are suitable for the most complex sites owing to their amazing integration capabilities. On the other hand, they offer convenience and friendly operation for the home user.

PIMA Electronic Systems is known for its extensive range of security systems, from the 6-zone PIMA Captain system to complex systems conforming to Standard 7331, which offer multiple detection zones.

Two prominent examples are the PIMA Hunter-Pro 8144 and PIMA 1337T burglar alarm systems, reviewed below.

PIMA Hunter-Pro 8144 Burglar Alarm System

PIMA developed its Hunter-Pro 8144 burglar alarm system while emphasizing solutions for the demands of professionals in Israel and around the world. This innovative system offers diversified communication options and a high level of sophistication and reliability. At the same time, it is simple to program and operate.

Industry professionals regard the PIMA Hunter-Pro 8144 as one of the world’s best burglar alarm systems.

System Characteristics & Features

Hybrid hardwired and wireless system for 8 zones expandable to 144 zones, of which 32 are wireless zones.

16 partitions.

58 output channels.

144 users (24 using code-following remote control)

Two tamper zones (Tamper-2 serves as a zone to all intents and purposes).

System supports SMS messages through telecommunication line or cellular communication.

Can be connected to up to 8 keypads of various types: LCD keypad (Hebrew keys), outdoors anti-vandal keypad and touch screen.

Smartphone control application.

Benefits to Installers & Users

5 communication options for reporting to the control center: landline (telecom), wireless, cellular, Internet (TCP/IP) and GPRS protocol.

Diversified operating methods: code/remote control/proximity tag/card (RFID)/ telephone, et al.

Shabbat operating system approved by the Halacha Technological Institution of Jerusalem.

Built-in express programming for convenient installation and an express programmer

Automatic daily arming and silent interval arming (the absence of detection within a predetermined interval will cause the system to arm itself).

144 user codes, main code, express code, relay code and robbery code.

Diversified false alarm prevention mechanisms: zone conditioning, pulse counter and zone sensitivity.

Built-in telephone line testing.

Extended log for up to 1,000 events, of which 512 are non-volatile.

4 preset control center telephone numbers and 4 preset private dialer telephone numbers.

Immediate identification of detector line short circuit or cutoff (through the installation of two line-end resistors per zone).

Burglary preparation prevention mechanisms – limitation of zone disarming time, pre-alarm, et al.

Remote control by telephone for such operations as arming, disarming, operation of relay, et al.

PIMA 1337T Burglar Alarm System

This 8 to 144 zone burglar alarm system conforms to Standard 1337, Part 1, for businesses requiring a business license.

The PIMA 1337T burglar alarm system offers uncompromising reliability, professionalism and sophistication. It was meticulously planned and designed to provide an extensive range of solutions to the business market, but at the same time it offers installer-friendly and user-friendly operation and programming. The system is immune to radio (RF) interference and to electromagnetic interference (EMI).

System Characteristics & Features

8 basic zones expandable up to 144 zones.

The system is installed in a vault-like metal box with a burglary-proof locking mechanism, according to the requirements of Standard 1337, 2005 issue.

Three communication options for reporting to the control center: telephone, wireless (radio) and cellular.

Reports sent to two control centers, subscriber numbers and various protocols.

Events reported to the control center through all channels, with full details.

4 preset control center telephone numbers and 4 preset private dialer telephone numbers.

Built-in telephone line tester for testing in arming/disarming states.

Up to 144 users.

Extended log for up to 1,000 events, of which 512 are non-volatile.

Benefits to Installers & Users

Diversified false alarm prevention mechanisms: zone conditioning, pulse counter, test zone and zone sensitivity.

Memory for up to 1,000 events: complete registration of all events, malfunctions and activations, including time, date and user name.

144 user codes (timeframe for restricting system shutdown for each code) + main code + door code (relay) + robbery code.

Express code (arming only).

Authorizations for each user code – definitions may be programmed as to whether a user is authorized to program codes, cancel zones, adjust the clock, program telephone numbers, review the memory, etc.

Keypad monitoring: the system will alert and report to the control center in the event that the keypad line has been disconnected or cut off.

Protective circuit breaker in each keypad, connected by a communication link to the system; a keypad opening alert circuit breaker (up to 8) to the control center and to the private client.

Each log-in into the technician’s menu is registered in the memory and reported to the control center.

Diversified partitioning options: up to 16 partitions.

Automatic arming at a preset time according to the day of the week.

Active arming: the absence of motion in a protected zone will activate the partition or alternately lead to full arming; programmable silent interval.

Every arming command will generate an indication on the display screen for the purpose of obtaining the control center’s authorization.

Indication of masking on keypad plus reporting to the control center and programmable responses to the relevant zone.

Various tests enabling prompt identification of the accessories connected to the system, such as walk-around test including memory logging, control center dialer tests, control center radio link tests, etc.

Immediate identification of detector line short circuit or cutoff through the installation of two line-end resistors.

Different responses to each malfunction in the “On” state and in the “Off” state separately.

Entry delay start report (pre-alarm); prevention of break-in through a delayed zone/access to the switchboard when the system is delayed or disarmed.

Support for a total of 63 auxiliary outputs/relays.

Zone disarming interval limit: prevention of preparations for a burglary.

Exit delay termination: disarming the last zone of the system will terminate the exit delay and immediately arm the system.

Code control: prevention of identical code programming. The system will generate an alert and report to the control center in any event when an erroneous code has been entered.

Comprehensive tests providing real-time information regarding the system status (mains voltage, battery, telephone, zones and control center communication links).

User-friendly and installer-friendly operation

Display selection option: scrolling zone display or PIMA display – 20 zones on a single screen.

Every burglar alarm system by PIMA offers the option of combining between hardwired (landline/telecom) and wireless elements, keypads of various types plus numerous other complex technological options.

Visonic Technologies Wireless Burglar Alarm Systems

The Team-3 Control Center & Security Systems Company sells and installs security systems of various types and models in accordance with the client’s needs, with the systems adapted professionally to the site and location.

In some cases, wireless systems may be required in locations where no suitable infrastructure for a landline option is available. The system reviewed below is an example of the wireless systems marketed and installed by the technical teams of Team-3 Control Center & Security Systems.

Visonic Technologies Power-Max Wireless Burglar Alarm System

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