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The cleaning services provided by Team-3 Cleaning & General Services are customized to the needs and requirements of each and every client in a professional, thorough and reliable manner

The Team-3 Cleaning & General Services Company specializes in and excels at the performance of every type of cleaning work. The cleaning materials we use are high-quality products that guarantee thorough, professional cleaning.

Floor cleaning and polishing must be performed professionally and to the highest quality standards. The quality of the materials used and how they are adapted to the desired finished appearance of the floor are of the utmost importance. In order to polish a floor properly, two options are available: a standard wax polishing process, or the “crystal” high-gloss polishing process. The difference between these processes depends on the cleaning method used, the type of floor and the desired degree of gloss, according to the client’s preference.

Equipment, Machinery & Materials

The Team-3 Cleaning & General Services Company maintains an extensive inventory of professional-standard dedicated equipment for all cleaning operations, including various types of vacuum cleaners, floor buffers and polishers, steam cleaning machines, window cleaning equipment and, naturally, cleaning materials and detergents of the highest quality. All of our equipment items and cleaning materials are backed by written, approved specifications.

Ceramic/Terrazzo Tile Floor Polishing Wax

Floor polishes are normally made of wax. They are applied to terrazzo and ceramic tile floors and give the floor the look of a uniform surface, as well as creating a very strong protective layer. This layer protects the floor against wear and keeps it shiny. Floor polishing waxes are intended to achieve a clean, shiny look.

“Crystal” High-Gloss Floor Polishing

“Crystal” high-gloss floor polishing is a high-standard floor polishing process that penetrates the tile surface. This magnesium-based, multi-stage process is carried out by a dedicated machine that inserts the specialized polish into the floor and gives the best cleaning and polishing results.

PVC Floor Polishing

In order to maintain and preserve PVC floors, an acrylic wax coating is applied to prevent wear, extend the life of the PVC floor and keep it clean and shiny. PVC floor maintenance requires special attention and care, as they often generate static electricity which causes inconvenience and might even cause fires. Maintenance frequency for PVC floors depends on the type of work being done in the premises and the wear it produces, and on the area where the PVC floor is located.

Window Cleaning using Rappelling

Rappelling is one of the methods used for cleaning windows in high-rise buildings. In this way, the cleaner with his cleaning tools and materials can access the outside windows directly – even in high-rise buildings.

Several options are available when this method is used: the cleaners can rappel from the roof directly to the outside windows to be cleaned; the cleaners may be lowered on a suspended scaffolding platform or in a basket by a hoist installed on the roof, or they may be elevated from the ground. For windows on lower floors, a long pole with a pipe may be used up to a certain height.

Another, relatively new method which utilizes cutting-edge equipment is the reverse osmosis method. This method utilizes a long pole that sprays water under pressure. The water is purged of scale so no additional cleaning is necessary. This method is faster but cannot remove some types of dirt. Another disadvantage of this method is the fact that it leaves puddles of water on the floor in the area where the cleaning operation had taken place.

Carpet Cleaning

The Team-3 Cleaning & General Services Company specializes in three carpet cleaning methods: dry cleaning, wet cleaning and moist (foam) cleaning.

Dry Carpet Cleaning

The dry carpet cleaning method utilizes a specialized machine and special materials. The process eliminates and attracts the dirt, drawing it from the carpet into the cleaning machine, while inserting high-quality cleaning materials into the carpet.

Wet Carpet Cleaning

The wet carpet cleaning method is similar to the dry cleaning method except that it injects water into the carpet and then dries it.

Moist (Foam) Carpet Cleaning

The moist carpet cleaning method utilizes foam: a specialized machine injects a measured amount of high-quality cleaning material into the carpet, which attracts the dirt. With this method, drying time is shorter relative to the wet cleaning method.

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