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Team-3 Cleaning & General Services offers an extensive range of services: cleaning, gardening, pest control, transportation and maintenance services to a large number of clients possessing different characteristics: high-tech companies, commercial & entertainment centers, luxury apartment buildings, government organizations, office buildings, manufacturing facilities, et al.

We place at our clients’ disposal the extensive experienced gained over many years of activity, for any size operation in accordance with the client’s requirements and needs.

The top management of the Team-3 Cleaning & General Services Company regards the field management backbone as the foundation and primary element for achieving service quality, so it invests substantial resources in the fostering of the management team on several levels, including workshops, training seminars, excellence programs, team build-up and welfare activities, as well as the development of procedures. The Team-3 Cleaning & General Services Company has more than 2,000 employees, of which 70 are managers/executives. The Team-3 Cleaning & General Services Company serves clients on a nation-wide basis, through its branch offices in Haifa, Hertzliya, Tel-Aviv, Jerusalem, Rehovot and Beer-Sheva.

Team-3 Cleaning & General Services operates professional cleaning layouts through an organic professional division made up of 7 specialist teams. These teams provide such specialized solutions as carpet washing and cleaning (wet & dry), “crystal” high-gloss floor polishing, standard waxing and polishing, et al.

The Team-3 Cleaning & General Services Company complies with the highest standard, ISO 9001:2008, with regard to environmental protection, prevention of contamination and recycling procedures.

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