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Special Projects Division

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Approach and Professional Assets

Team 3’s approach is of Total Security Concept (TSC), which includes five key elements that when integrated are forming a comprehensive security system. These elements include (1) Intelligence, (2) Personnel, (3) Procedures and instructions, (4) Means and equipment, and (5) Management and supervision.

Our management team’s qualifications and vast experience enables a thorough planning process, detailed preparation of the security procedures and special instructions, and effective implementation of the security plan using skilled and well trained personnel. Our security agents at the Special Projects Division have formerly served with various units of the Israeli security system (such as the VIP Protection Unit, El-Al Israel Airlines, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and others), and possess considerable experience in Government as well as in private security sector events.



Team 3 delivers high-end security services for facilities and events at many different envorinments, such as High tech company security; government supervised facilities security; business area security; industrial security; company and private events; residential building security; office building security; and shopping center security.

In the area of events security, Team 3 track record includes some significant operations and events, such as the Maccabiyah, participating in securing the “March of Living in Poland”, Independence Day events, and many more.

Our client list includes many high tech companies and organizations, to name a fee:

• Cellcom Volume (2007, 2008, 2009)Microsoft’s

• Tech-Ed conventions (2006 and 2008)

• Elbit conventions in Europe

• Brinks conventions worldwide


Added Values

When it comes to securing sensitive events, our clients enjoy invaluable benefits that are a result of our approach, professional assets, and experience. These benefits include:

√ Complete and all inclusive service, including assessment, planning, and execution

√ Hands-on experienced management and supervision

√ Highly skilled and trained personnel

√ Experience in sensitive events protection and operational planning

√ Considerable experience in VIP and event security in the private sector

√ Long standing record of cooperation with local authorities

√ Quick response to changes and threats in the security environment

√ Capability to provide security solutions simultaneously at several locations



Team 3 is a privately owned company providing security services in a wide variety of areas such as corporate security, electronic protection, guarding, and surveillance. Founded in 1990, it is the fastest growing security company in Israel, classified by D&B among the 10 leading security companies in Israel. The company has several subsidiaries in various fields related to security, protection and safety and is currently employing 2,800 employees. In the last few years Team 3 has significantly expanded its international activities and established considerable presence in several international protection and security markets, including strategic partnerships with major international organizations.

Within Team 3, the Special Projects Division specializes in the provision of unique, high-end and complex special security services, including VIP protection, security planning, security services for large and/or sensitive events, undercover security, risk surveys, combat and security trainings, and more.

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