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Posted at 28 September, 2014
Recommendations In The Event Of A Burglary


Recommendations In The Event Of A Burglary

1.        Report the burglary to the Israel Police.

2.        Wait for the arrival of a police forensic investigator and obtain a burglary report.

3.        Avoid moving or touching any object until the arrival of the police forensic investigator.

4.        In the event of stolen credit cards, have the cards voided by the various credit companies.

5.        In the event of stolen home keys, have the lock cylinders of all external doors replaced.

6.        Report the burglary to your insurance company immediately.

7.        If required, call up a security consultant to handle the burglar alarm system.

For your convenience, the following table lists the telephone numbers of various organizations and professional service providers. You may contact them directly, and the Team-3 Company will assume no responsibility whatsoever regarding the quality and effectiveness of their services. Team-3 clients will be offered a 10% discount.


Recommended Preventive Measures When Travelling Overseas

1.        Appoint a person in charge of the residence for the duration of your vacation.

2.        Inform the Team-3 Control Center of the dates of your vacation and the details of your contact person.

3.        Have your contact person prevent the accumulation of mail, magazines, flyers, etc. in your mailbox and on your doorstep.

4.        Have your contact person perform such initiated operations as turning the lights and various appliances (TV, radio, etc.) on and off so as to make onlookers believe the residence is occupied.

Contact our representatives for free advice as required.


Security Recommendations for Businesses, Warehouses & Private Residences

In view of the abundance of burglaries and the constantly-improving capabilities of burglars who break into businesses and private residences, here are a few recommended and highly important measures the clients are required to take.

It is important to note that in the event that the contact person you had appointed is required by the control center to report to the premises, he/she should go there, open the business or residence and inspect the inside of the residence or business. In some cases, the burglary into the protected premises is performed in a manner that does not enable the patrolmen to identify a burglary from outside.

In order to minimize burglary damage, several rules must be observed, as outlined below.

1.        Arm the burglar alarm system every time you leave the premises.

2.        Promptly ensure that the alarm system switchboard is protected by a volumetric and anti-tamper sensor (preferably of the anti-mask type) that will generate an alert if the switchboard is tampered with.

3.        Ensure the detectors are not covered or otherwise obstructed.

4.        Replace the rechargeable battery once every 24-36 months.

5.        For businesses – it is recommended that the switchboard be connected to the control center through both hardwire (landline) and wireless connections and that a cellular end unit, or GPRS connection (secured Internet connection) be added.

6.        For private residences and clients connected to the control center through hardwire (landline) connections only – it is recommended to add a wireless transmitter so as to ensure an indication in the event that the telephone line has been disconnected. It is important to note that in private residences where the telephone line is connected to an electrical cabinet adjacent to the residence, adding a backup wireless transmitter is mandatory and the electrical cabinet should be protected against tampering if possible.

7.        Add detectors in unprotected spaces (mainly in roof spaces and in the upper parts of the business or residence).

8.        For businesses – it is recommended to install a hidden alarm system as backup in the event that the business contains high-value goods.

9.        Have the computers anchored to the floor of the business or residence.

10.    Jewelry, cash and valuables should be kept in a hidden and secure vault anchored to the floor of the business or residence.

11.    Once a year, have a certified technician verify that the burglar alarm system is fully operable.

12.    In the event that the client is unavailable to receive reports from the control center or is unable to report to the premises for any reason, it will be the client’s responsibility to appoint a person on his behalf and report the details of this person to the control center, well in advance.

13.    In the event of unexpected excessive workload situations, the arrival of the patrolmen may be delayed. The Team-3 Company does and will do everything possible to minimize the occurrence of such situations.

14.    The Team-3 Company does not act as an insurance company. Accordingly, we recommend that all of the contents of the premises be insured by an insurance company as in the event of damage, the Team-3 Company will assume no responsibility whatsoever for any damage.

15.    The client must verify that the security systems used comply with the requirements of the insurance company and obtain the insurance company’s written approval to that effect.

16.    In the event of repeated false alarms, have the cause of the malfunction addressed without delay.

17.    Ensure the list of names and telephone numbers of key holders kept at the control center is always current.


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