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The Team-3 Group employs more than 4,500 employees and consists of several companies that jointly offer a broad ‘umbrella’ and a comprehensive range of services.

Team-3 Security: this company provides cutting-edge security solutions on several levels, from individual security inspectors to comprehensive security layouts, for hundreds of clients nation-wide.

Team-3 Control Center & Security Systems / 101 Center: this company provides state-of-the-art patrol and control center services and installs diversified security systems, including burglar alarm systems, surveillance cameras, intercom systems, access control systems and “smart home” products. The Team-3 operational control center is one of the country’s largest, providing services to 25,000 institutional, business and private clients.

Team-3 Security According to Jewish Law: this company offers control center services and installation of security systems to the orthodox religious public, according to the laws of Jewish religion.

Team-3 Fire Systems: this company installs fire detection and extinguishing systems and offers design, execution and maintenance services.

Team-3 Cleaning & General Services: this company provides cleaning, maintenance and pest control services, and operates professional cleaning teams at commercial centers, office buildings, industrial installations and so forth.

Team-3 Personnel Selection & Placement: this company is active in a broad and diversified range of sectors and fields of activity, nation-wide. It specializes in human resources and project management solutions, in the spotting, selection, recruitment and placement of personnel and in employment solutions for permanent and temporary employees.

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