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Meet the Boss – Team-3 Company Owner & CEO Nir Gilboa

Nir Gilboa was born in 1968 in Ness-Ziona, Israel to an IDF career officer father and a schoolteacher mother. Nir has two brothers and a sister, all younger than him. While he was still in kindergarten, he began wandering with his parents from one place of residence to the next. “We started wandering with my father, who was a career officer. We lived in Tiberias when he served in the north, and in Mitzpe-Ramon when he served in the south. In 1976 we moved to Ness-Ziona, where I spent most of my younger years. We also spent a year in Kansas, USA on a state mission.” Nir’s father, Yoram Gilboa, passed away suddenly at the age of 48 of a cardiac arrest. He was a career officer who had retired from military service in 1987, at the rank of Brigadier-General, following a term as commander of the Nahal Corps. Yoram Gilboa was a major influence and role model in Nir’s life. Varda, Nir’s mother, a wise and practical woman, worked as a schoolteacher and class educator for 20 years. Following the death of Nir’s father, she started working for the Team-3 Company and has served as head of the billing & collection department ever since.

Working since the age of 15

Nir started working when he was in the 10th grade: “I never took one Sheqel from my parents. As a working kid, I always had money of my own.”

Initially, Nir worked as an assistant in a hardware store and took all sorts of odd jobs like working as a porter for a wedding DJ, at a honey packaging plant, in hothouses and so forth. “I was considered a good boy. I was the eldest son in a household where the father was hardly ever present, which led to my early independence and responsibility.”

Busy Schedule

Nir begins his day at 06:00 hours with some athletic activity. At 08:00 he arrives at the office for a day carefully planned in advance, which also includes some unexpected events. From that moment on, he is busy working and making the most of every second. During the day, he sends and answers hundreds of E-Mail messages, signs agreements and holds planned meetings with his staff as well as with several clients. “My schedule is very tight. It is planned a week or two in advance, and I am very strict about following it as planned. The Company operates 365 days a year, 24/7. I am permanently connected to SMS and E-Mail messages and keep current at any given moment. When I get back home to the Moshav I do my best to spend time with the family – but I am not always successful.”

Nir’s Family

Nir has 4 children. His daughter Amit, 14, is the eldest. His son Ram is 12, his daughter Maya is 8 and his youngest daughter Noa is 4. “I am firmly connected to all of them and do my best to be a good, different father who gives his children the best in order to prepare them for life.” Nir attempts to develop liberal yet responsible relations with his children.

Nir’s wife, Limor, is 42 (born 1971). According to Nir, she is his complementary other half. Limor was a dancer and dance teacher and is still intensively involved in sports and arts. She currently works as a Pilates instructor.

Nir and Limor met while working: “I received a call to come and meet someone. I got the call to come and meet her on my radio transceiver.” They were together for 3 years and got married in 1995.

“A Bachelor’s Degree – Because I Promised”

Following his military service, Nir completed his studies for a bachelor’s degree in sociology and political science. “The studies for a university degree were important to my father and mother, and that was the only reason why I graduated.” Nir maintains that he had to make substantial efforts in order to graduate: “I had a great time but I was jealous of the guys who studied with me and worked as waiters at the same time, without a care in the world. I was jealous of the IDF officers who had taken a leave of absence from their military service in order to study.” He had always aimed for management: “My strengths are in everything that has to do with management, operations and logistics. It took me a while to realize that, but I am an entrepreneurial type of person. I like to innovate, to blaze trails, to do things a little differently from everyone else. I succeed in gaining the client’s trust because I place things on the table as they are, honestly, fairly and with complete transparency and that, as it turns out, sells better. I think I read and understand people quickly and, based on that understanding, I know how to operate and lead them, which leads, as far as I am concerned, to an enjoyable activity.”

Nir’s Management Style

“I am very strict. By nature, I am extremely strict with myself, which enables me to be strict with others.” Nir double checks everything, even missions he had performed himself: “Sometimes I don’t even believe myself. My wife and children always say ‘OK, Dad, you said that already’. Everything that is important to me I state several times in different ways, just to make sure that the message had been received and assimilated.” Nir is a highly centralistic individual, caring and involved in everything. He appreciates people for their enterprise and for their efforts – the things that build corporations. Lack of effort, indifference, poor planning or lack of mental effort annoy him. “I can understand when something goes wrong or does not succeed but irreverence, indifference and laziness are the red line as far as I am concerned.” Nir understands that in the general services industry, the success and image of the company vis-à-vis the client depend on each and every employee, so he places the emphasis on recruiting quality employees whose attributes suit their intended jobs.

Nir is highly critical toward himself so his expectations from his employees are very high. He believes that things do not come easily. Efforts must be made in order to get results and anyone not willing to make the effort is not qualified to stand under his management span.

Nir’s Weaknesses as a Manager

“I am too much of a manager and not enough of a businessman. Sometimes I know I have to make a tough decision like firing someone, and I put it off and procrastinate.”

Nir is proud of the business he has developed – from the modest beginnings of his father to what the Group is today. To some extent, Nir considers it a commemorative project for his father. Nir remarks favorably on the positive atmosphere and the people who like working for the company he has developed and on their job satisfaction. He is a very modest, deep-rooted individual who values integrity, honesty and life-long friendships. He believes in enterprise and hard work. He has realized his life-long dream and today heads a major, successful corporation, living with his wife and four children in a dream house at a Moshav with a small agricultural farm.

Company Head Office

Position: owner and CEO

Name: Nir Gilboa

Direct phone: 08-9311356


Position: CEO office manageress

Name: Maya Kochavi

Direct phone: 08-9311356


Our Vision

To lead the market through our strengths with the backup provided by a major corporation while excelling in humanity, streamlined operation and promptness of response – the hallmarks of a small company.

We at the Team-3 Group have set ourselves a goal to motivate the group and its people toward constant growth and on-going aspiration for excellent results.

We aspire to lead the group to excellence by employing the appropriate individuals and implementing effective support strategies.

The values consolidated over 20 years of experience and based on the management method instilled by the management in the employees throughout the years of the Group’s operations, which reflects the way in which we believe and operate.

Our Values

Client satisfaction: we assign the utmost importance to our clients’ confidence and satisfaction throughout their association with us. We constantly aspire to identify our clients’ most vital needs and dedicate our resources to satisfying those needs.

Integrity & reliability: we believe in doing the right thing while adhering to the highest business ethics and maintaining strict professional integrity.

Excellence & leadership: we seek to provide an added value to our clients and strive for excellence in planning as well as in results. We constantly aspire to be better.

Be innovative & proactive: we strive to constantly renew, develop and progress in management, performance and innovative technologies.

Professionalism: accomplishing the goals of the Group and our clients depends on the professionalism of our staff and management. We therefore strive to establish a learning and constantly-evolving environment where accountability and personal example are the norm.

Familiarity & cordiality: we do our best to conduct our operations in a pleasant, warm and compassionate atmosphere.

The Team-3 Group employs more than 4,500 employees and consists of several companies that jointly offer a broad ‘umbrella’ and a comprehensive range of services.

Team-3 Security: this company provides cutting-edge security solutions on several levels, from individual security inspectors to comprehensive security layouts, for hundreds of clients nation-wide.

Team-3 Control Center & Security Systems / 101 Center: this company provides state-of-the-art patrol and control center services and installs diversified security systems, including burglar alarm systems, surveillance cameras, intercom systems, access control systems and “smart home” products. The Team-3 operational control center is one of the country’s largest, providing services to 25,000 institutional, business and private clients.

Team-3 Security According to Jewish Law: this company offers control center services and installation of security systems to the orthodox religious public, according to the laws of Jewish religion.

Team-3 Fire Systems: this company installs fire detection and extinguishing systems and offers design, execution and maintenance services.

Team-3 Cleaning & General Services: this company provides cleaning, maintenance and pest control services, and operates professional cleaning teams at commercial centers, office buildings, industrial installations and so forth.

Team-3 Personnel Selection & Placement: this company is active in a broad and diversified range of sectors and fields of activity, nation-wide. It specializes in human resources and project management solutions, in the spotting, selection, recruitment and placement of personnel and in employment solutions for permanent and temporary employees.

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